Pulse Engineering

Types of Projects

Our team specialise in delivering innovative conveyor layouts, often for difficult or restricted plants.

Starting with an ’empty room’, we can develop concept plant layouts using our in-depth understanding of the meat and shellfish industries and their specific requirements. Taking into account input from the plant and its employees, we fine-tune concepts on paper before generating 3D models, designs and simulations to ensure our proposals meet production, cleaning and maintenance goals.

Systems that operate at below zero degrees are no problem for our team i.e. inside freezers or other chilled environments. In addition, we can design for and operate in marine environments and have designed and supplied systems that were deployed onto mussel harvesting vessels.

Pulse Engineering

Conveyor Systems

Designed to convey a large variety of products such as red meat, offal, chicken, shellfish, dog and cat biscuits, while meeting different hygiene standards including Fully Hygienic and Semi Hygienic (see below). 

Non Hygienic conveyors generally don’t get disassembled or regularly washed down, but may still be constructed with materials that comply with IP67 and withstand a wash down.

Pulse Engineering are certified to design and build conveyors using Intralox 400 series ARB belt, giving us the ability to supply conveyors that don’t require pneumatic pushers or external mechanisms to move cartons on a conveyor. These systems are extremely reliable and cost effective.

We also have extensive experience with a diverse range of plastic modular belts of all types, so can offer conveyor systems with belts that match the ones currently used in a plant, therefore reducing the number of spare parts required.

Homogenous belts are also no problem for our team, as we supply and have experience with all industry leading brands and types.

In addition, we can supply a variety of drives and gearbox’s to meet any specification required.

Pulse Engineering

Hygienic Processing Equipment & Plants

Hygienic Plant Processing is our specialty, having designed and manufactured conveyor systems many leading food manufacturers.

Fully Hygienic – all materials and parts of the conveyor, frame, belt and drive are completely hygienic and easily accessible for a full clean down to IP69 if required.

Semi Hygienic – all components and materials can still be washed to IP67, but may not be designed to be disassembled on a daily basis.

Pulse Engineering

Carton & Materials Handling Systems

Our material handling systems can process cartons and frozen cartons of all sizes.

As well as designing and fabricating, our team offer solutions to improve current conveyor, materials and product handling operations. 

Pulse Engineering

Safety Guarding & Handrails

Custom design and manufacturing of machine guarding and handrails for new operations or to complement existing ones.

Contact us to arrange a site visit, consultation and quote. 

Pulse Engineering

Safety Platforms

Designed specifically for your industry, requirements and to accommodate various work elevations. 

Pulse Engineering

Safe Roll

Exciting, patented new development that will be a game changer for processing plant safety. Be one of the first to know when it launches – get in touch with us today for updates. 

Pulse Engineering is pleased to offer a variety of engineering services

Specialising in stainless steel fabrication. We can design, manufacture, deliver and install according to your needs.