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Rise and Fall Stands

Pulse Engineering was contracted to provide Rise and Fall Stands to solve a problem in meatworks processing. The Rise and Fall Stands are set up in the boning area of meatworks plants.

Carcasses approach the boning operators at a set height – but the operators vary in height and reach. Before the stands were set up, operators would have trouble reaching the carcasses, resulting in multiple inefficiencies.

The Rise and Fall Stand help workers access different parts of the carcass more efficiently. As well as working for boning operators, the stands are customisable for multiple other workplaces uses. They have been installed in meatworks across the country including Affco Horotiu, and a new model is in the works for South Pacific Meats.

The Rise and Fall Stands must be easy to operate and able to work fault-free, around the clock, while contributing to employee productivity and safety. Additionally, they have to be built to a given meatworks’ specifications but be able to be redeployed and/or redesigned to suit workplace changes – or the requirements of another workplace.

What was special about this project?

The stability of the Pulse Engineering Rise and Fall Stands was a unique selling point. Other models on the market have to be braced back against a wall.

Pulse’s Rise and Fall Stands are freestanding structures that remain safe and robust, and can be installed wherever required without need for external bracing. The stands also had to be customisable to multiple workplace needs – some were purposed for boning operators, and others as platforms for carcass inspectors.

They also had to be completely washable to suit sanitary requirements, and they needed to accommodate existing sanitary equipment like knife sterilisers and hand washers.

How did Pulse Engineering overcome the challenges this project posed?

Pulse has developed its Rise and Fall Stands over time. After researching existing solutions, we consulted with workplace management, end users and operators before designing and installing our first stand in 2004.

We gathered data from the workplace and redesigned where needed for greater usability and efficiency. Starting in 2005, Pulse built 12 more upgraded Rise and Fall Stands, which have been running fault-free since installation.

They have been built in a number of specified configurations, including air and hydraulic lift mechanisms.
The stands have allowed meatworks to revisit and repurpose their workflows for maximum efficiency.

For example, instead of one worker boning an entire carcass, the work can be apportioned to different workers on a production line arrangement.

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