Pulse Engineering offers conveyer and materials handling solutions for any industry.

We can visit your site and offer solutions to improve your current conveyer, materials & product handling operations.

We have designed and built conveyer systems for a number of organisations and industries, including:


  • Processed & packed meat conveyors.
  • Waste & bone removal conveyors.
  • Empty & packed carton conveyors.
  • Rise & fall stands.
  • Pneumatic offal lifting stands.
  • See our rise and fall stands case study for more details


  • Soft butter conveyor block turners.
  • Product conveyors
  • Cheese conveyors


  • Frozen veg conveyors.
  • Hash Brown conveyors.
  • Potato product packing systems
  • See our case study for more details

Kan-Do Innovation   

  • Sanitary cooked half shell mussel conveyors.


  • Clean room conveyors.
  • Pneumatic clean room doors.
  • Sealed injection moulded spoon conveyers
  • Robotic unloading heads


  • Cog-Veyor conveyor
  • Carton turning conveyors
  • Gravity conveyors
  • Aparagus conveyors
  • Wrapped Cheese conveyor
  • 180 degree conveyor
  • Apple conveyors
  • Quarry aggregate conveyors

Taura Natural Ingredients

  • Fruit leather slab conveyors
  • Chopped fruit chip conveyors
  • Tumble drum conveyers

North Island Mussels

  • A unique mussel conveying and packing system
  • See our case study for more details

We can use any appropriate materials and belt types from plastic modular belt to sanitary "Cog-Veyor" type belts with stainless or mild steel frames as required.

We have a close relationship with our conveyor parts supplier THL, ensuring cost effective and prompt supply of drives, belts, and other components.

Pneumatic components on our standard conveyor frames are supplied by NORGREN but our Solid Works design allows other cylinder types to be easily inserted to suit your existing pneumatic equipment.


For a free consultation, or if you would like to know more, contact us on 07 849 3785, or email