Our Team

Pulse Engineering is a competent team with many years of experience in fabrication and engineering, in-house and onsite. Pulse has particular experience in the dairy and abattoir industries.

Pulse Engineering offers:

  • Design staff operating Solid Works 2011 Professional
  • Sheet metal fabrication engineering tradespersons
  • Fully ticketed fitter welders, apprentices and trades assistants
  • A workplace commitment to health and safety
  • We utilise lean manufacturing techniques to pass value on to the customer
  • We also have subcontractors available to us on standby. 

We have strong relationships with process engineers and project managers in the New Zealand dairy industry - companies focused on creating the most cost effective and technically appropriate solutions for your requirements.  These companies have significant experience and success in applying engineering solutions throughout the NZ Dairy Industry.

We have a wide range of qualified fabricating engineers, all of which are 4703 ticketed welders. We also have ASME IX and 4711 ticketed welders.  We work with a number of electrical contractors who can provide the following services:
  • Industrial electrical installation
  • Dairy electrical installation
  • Data control installation
  • Pneumatic controlled valve installations
  • Programmable logical controlled installations